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We run Casa Cottage as a family, along with our staff that for the most part has been with us for over 10 years. We take pride in the fact that we try to provide a home for guests like you when you travel, but also a place of quiet, safety and joy in the city. My mum Benjamine, is French, having moved to India 35 years ago to do her PhD research in child psychology. My dad Bhushan,was brought up in North India, and after studying and working around the world for a 20 or so years picked Bangalore at random to come settle down again. 

He opened up a European restaurant, the first of its type in Bangalore. The first pizzas and burgers of the city were 100% hand made my him, and most probably served to the guest personally as well. Then along came my mum, sick of Indian canteen food, looking for the only place that could offer her something close to home food. The business grew into a chain of 7 restaurants, their relationship grew, and had 2 children. 

I had the right touch, and picked my parents pretty well. I grew up in India and finished school here. Then 7 years of college and work across France, mainly at football clubs. The winters finally got the better of me and I decided to move back here. I am at the cottage most days, and take care of the daily day to day here. 

You may also come across my brother, who is comes to the cottage on days he desires dosa for breakfast. Much like me, he had an indo french background and education, and now works for a recruitment company. 

The staff here have been with us for quite a while, headed by our 2 managers, Lazar and Nagaraj. Dosas are cooked up by Padmaraj, the permanently well dressed Nepali. Shiva is our maintainance man, who doubles and triples up as the multi skilled person of the cottage. The cleaning team consists of the Selvi, Pyari and Bhuvna. 

Benjamine Oberoi & Bhushan Oberoi


I, Bhushan Oberoi and my family have been in hospitality business for the last 60 years. We started Casa Piccola, Euro Restaurants in 1979 with one outlet and expanded over the years to 8 outlets. Our Heritage Hotel, bed and breakfast in Bangalore & Furnished Apartments, are home to many a guest, with a majority of them from Europe. My work gives me immense pleasure as I get to interact with people from all walks of life... We have PASSION in big doses and our reward is a Good Brand-Good Business and Happy guests.


I am Benjamine Oberoi and am French. My husband and I treat our work very personally and take pleasure in attending to small details. Our Indian & International guests in our  Hotel are treated with personal care. Many languages are spoken around us and Europeans guests feel at home with us as both of us speak several languages. Interaction and “Bonhomie” amongst our guests are very much a feature of our bed and breakfast in Bangalore.We like to travel and meet people from different parts of the world.

I am also an international consultant for local and International NGO’s in the field of development. I have been working on different projects: education and schools, skill training, watershed management and land reclamation, flood and cyclone emergency program, housing, rural women development, microcredit and microenterprise etc. We invite you to visit the Website of the one of the organization: SEVAI  and the French organization Objectif- France-Inde  OFI


LAZAR, our manager and MANIK, our son help us run Casa Cottage.  Our team works with the motto “WE CARE”. We all believe that if there is passion-rewards will follow, and our happy guests are an ample reward and compliments on Tripadvisor & Lonely Planet are a source of joy for us.

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